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Charity organisations have an uphill task of fundraising for their charity programs. Well-planned fundraisers, however, help make their work significantly easy. When planning and organising for fundraising events and activities, emphasis should be placed on ensuring that the non-profit organisation appeals as much as possible to members of the public to win their support. Here are some tips that can help non-profit organisations to organise for successful fundraiser events.

1. Go with the trend and go mobile

Technology has engendered new forms of cash transfer through mobile phones. Research and statistics demonstrate that the utilisation mobile phones and mobile devices in facilitating online transactions involving cash transfers have been on the significant rise as traditional methods such as checks have become less popular. Nonprofits should, therefore, lean into this trend and provide an opportunity for their supporters to offer their donations through mobile transactions. Furthermore, this movement towards mobile will only increase going forward; adopt mobile now to avoid falling behind in the future.

2. Leverage social media

Social media platforms are great communication mediums that have weaved themselves into the fabric of society. Non-profit organizations can channel their fundraising campaigns through social media to help get the word out there to as many well-wishers as possible. The fact that these social media profiles are generally free to use and only incurs minimal costs to sponsor a campaign advertisement ensures that non-profits can reach out to as many people as possible.

3. Factor-in branding

Non-profits should also consider branding themselves to create an identity among well-wishers. The organisations should identify a particular campaign and formulate a proper strategy to resolve the social challenge identified. A consistent brand message and aesthetic across all campaign advertisements will help members of the public better identify your ad and relate to the issues raised.

4. Have memorable imagery

When creating a fundraiser program and advertising the campaign, it is imperative that nonprofits consider creating appealing imagery or message to spur action from the general public. Using images, sometimes provocative, that display the reality of the issues your organisation is trying to combat will grab the attention of potential donors.