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Holding a charity event is probably the best method for raising money for a non-profit or a charity. As an event coordinator, you probably are already aware of an event’s appeal, but how do you set one up that is sure to draw a crowd and raise a substantial amount of money?

Here are a few steps that should help you get the ball rolling:

Be Clear About Your Cause

You need to inform your prospective attendees about the reason why you wish to raise funds. Tell them about the person or group that the money will be going. You would be surprised to learn that once you are clear about your cause, promotional ideas will be more natural to come by. Your mission statement will guide you forward, providing a clear action plan.

Estimate How Much You Need to Raise

When you consider each revenue stream, such as silent auctions, ticket sales, and donations, do you feel you will reach your monetary goals? If not, it may be time to tweak your plan. Just remember, charity events also raise awareness and stimulate networks, so there are gains involved that are not all financial.

Decide Who Your Audience is

When you know which segments of the population to attract to your cause to reach the maximum benefit, it is much easier to plan your event and to market it to potential donors. If your charity has more of an appeal to particular age groups, occupations, or those that take up specific hobbies, then use that differentiation to your advantage.

Choose a Venue

Choosing a place to hold your fundraiser is, of course, utterly dependent on its theme. Is it a formal black-tie event, an informal carnival, or is it an indoor or outdoor event? These questions are crucial.

Once you narrow down a few choice places, you should shop around for the best deals. Many times, venues are willing to donate space or offer generous discounts for great causes. Don’t forget to ask what is included in the final price.

Market the Event as Much as Possible

As you know, any event needs marketing to the masses to be a success, but sometimes some need a more significant push. Charity events come under this designation because you will be unable to meet your financial goals without attendees.

You can go the old-fashioned route of sending invitations through direct mail, or you can incorporate modern technology by using email, texts, and social media to invite folks to your event and promote it widely.

You can even set up a website for your cause and utilize effective content marketing for some strategic PR.

Choose Donation Payment Methods

For the best results, you should take donations in as many ways as possible. Be sure that your guests can pay for tickets or make cash contributions with credit or debit cards, personal checks, PayPal, via specialized apps, or even using cryptocurrency. The more methods that you accept, the more funds you will receive.

There is a lot of planning that goes into hosting a charity event, but the result is a fun time had by all and knowing that someone less fortunate has received some benefit from your efforts.