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Generation Z, comprised of those born at the tail-end of the ’90s, is occasionally referred to as the iGeneration. Smart technology, the Cloud, and multimedia learning software reign over the world of education. Research by the British Educational Suppliers Association found increased demand by public and private schools for information and communication technologies (ICTs) compared to past years. Additionally, “only 33% of secondary schools and 60% of primary schools feel they are adequately equipped with ICT infrastructure and devices.”

In a world where technology and education are changing faster than the institutions that house them, organisations like Big Change are making an effort to maintain education’s value to improve children’s quality of life.


What is Big Change?

Big Change quite literally raced into the world when a group of over 30 friends ran the London Marathon while bound together. Their efforts brought each of them to the finish line and raised £250,000. This money went in 12 different directions, but every cent found its way to a charity for young people. Six of those runners went on to officially form Big Change, with the goal of positively impacting the world’s youngest residents.


What does Big Change do?

Big Change has a three-step process for influencing change. Firstly, the organisation takes a look at the most pressing issues for youth, such as education shortfalls. Then, Big Change seeks out leaders in those areas, backing their projects and offering support to magnify their impact. This leads to the third and final step, which creates a spiderwebbed network of people and organizations that work individually and collectively to push this change out into the world.

One of the organisation’s most recent STRIVE Challenges—the term used for their campaigns—was a 2018 mission to supporting projects focused on early childhood development and the wellbeing of educators. This mission raised £1.46m through a global effort network, surpassing the target of £1m.


How Can I Help Big Change?

Change doesn’t happen in a vacuum. If you want to support children’s causes through Big Change, you can donate to the organisation or take part in one of their STRIVE Challenges. If you want to be more closely involved in the fundraising process, you can always host one of your own—no matter where in the world you’re from!