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Annesley Abercorn


About Annesley

Born and raised in London, Annesley Abercorn is a proud patriot and former Parliamentary Candidate for the Conservative Party. He values his nation’s rich history and established institutions. Annesley currently serves as a Strategic Communications Consultant for Dragon Advisory, and he is also the Founder & Chairman of the Dream Ball, an annual fundraising event that supports ‘Big Change’ charity which helps young people from difficult circumstances in the UK.

Big Change was founded by a group of friends including HRH Princess Beatrice and Holly and Sam Branson. This organisation aids underprivileged youth by tackling the root causes of their problems and providing the building blocks for long-term success, whether by matching them with mentors that help solidify their developing social skills, providing access to opportunities that enable them to step outside of their comfort zones and grow, or supporting them whilst they navigate real-life situations and changes.

Annesley Abercorn’s passion for helping young people from difficult backgrounds stems from his own experiences of young people who have been left behind. Understanding these circumstances, Annesley sought ways to counteract such stressors and encourage each young individual to unleash their talents rather than waste them. As such, the initial concept of the Dream Ball was conceived.

Since its Inaugural Ball in 2016, the Dream Ball has raised approximately £70,000 and the organising committee is thrilled to enter its fourth year and continue to make an impact on individuals who need it the most.

Alongside his philanthropic work, Annesley Abercorn cares deeply about social justice and ensuring Britain is a proponent of equality, especially as it relates to the financial health of fellow citizens. Other causes that Annesley supports include social mobility, personal freedom within the rule of law, British culture and identity, individual choice, and the empowerment of professionals to step in to lead public institutions such as the National Health Service (NHS) and schools.

Annesley’s passion for public policy and service led him to become the Westminster Parliamentary Candidate in 2010, and the European Parliamentary Candidate in 2014.

Previously, Annesley was a member of the National Executive of Conservative Future, where he was responsible for organising political events and concurrently serving as the Chairman of London Western Conservative Future (LWCF). Annesley Abercorn has also been featured in interviews on major news networks such as BBC News, ITN, and ITV Granada. He is still a regular contributor to BBC Radio 5 Live and Radio 2.

Before his career was launched, Annesley was educated at Highgate School and went on to attend University College London (UCL), where received both his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Politics & East European Studies, as well as a Master of Science (MSc) in Democracy and Democratisation.

To learn more about Annesley Abercorn and his passion for raising up others in his community, be sure to visit his blog page.

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